Monday, January 24, 2011

Giving song leading a try...

At Heartland Baptist Bible College, you can always tell who the third year pastoral majors are because at chapel during congregational singing they're waving their hands around, trying to keep time with the hymns.  This year I learned why they do this: they take a song leading class!  I catch Tim doing it every once in a while and I tease him by waving my hands around in a similar manner.  He's always like, "No, not like that... like this..." and proceeds to show me how to properly move my hands.  Seemed easy enough.  1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4... I know music and how to count, so how hard could it be?

Last week, I became the official song leader for three of my teaching classes.  I volunteered for one class, and my teacher drafted me for the rest of them!  I decided to try out my new song leading abilities, so I started waving my hands around to keep time.  I did TERRIBLE!!  I couldn't even keep time with MYSELF, it was so bad!  I looked like a fish flopping his fins around in a boat!  Ok, so song leading isn't as easy as it looks.  Maybe I should just leave the arm-waving to the third year pastoral majors... yeah, I should definitely do that.

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