Saturday, February 27, 2010

Soda Wars

The battle rages on: Coke or Pepsi? This conflict cannot be ignored, for many a skirmish has been started over the sweetness of Pepsi versus the flavor of Coke. Many a heated argument ensues even as we speak over which is better. Which do you like? Why? Are you the type when you're at the drive-thru and you ask for Coke and they ask, "Is Pepsi ok?" you say vehemently, "NO!" and drive away? Or could you go either way with no big fight involved? I want to know what you think. Me, I'm just a Coke kind of girl... but that's just me. So... here's your chance to vent! Write a comment and tell the World According to Suzette which you think is better!


  1. Well, of course it's Coke! There's no question! :)