Monday, June 7, 2010


Let's ramble about olives for a while... I personally like Kalamata olives the best. They're so good in salads, and I don't understand why anyone could like a black or green olive more than a Kalamata. It's like preferring a burger to a steak! Now, don't get me wrong... I LOVE black AND green olives. Remember when our fingers were small enough to fit one olive on each finger? Those were fun days.

If anyone out there loves garlic and hasn't tried garlic-stuffed olives yet, you've gotta try them!!! They're AMAZING!! I know what you're thinking. I had preconceived ideas about them too; I thought they were gonna be nasty and way too strong. Well, truth be told, yes they are strong, but not overwhelming. The garlic is actually a good complement to the olive. Now, I wouldn't recommend eating a handful right before a date, but anyways... :D LOL

Black olives are the picky-eater's olives. Many people don't like the green ones but they'll drink the juice from the bottom of the black olive cans! I don't like them that much, but they are good for snacks and salads (when I run out of Kalamatas, hee hee).

I'm sure I've tried other ones, but those are the olives I have the most to say about. I LOVE THEM!! They're yummy yummy to my tummy! I don't even wanna know how many calories there are in a can of the things... just let me and my olives be!

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