Friday, June 18, 2010


I promise, I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I could walk right past the shoe aisle without a second thought, without even glancing in that direction. Once upon a time, I had one pair of black shoes and the other two pair were casual. I was a muddy tennis shoe-wearing tomboy.

Then I got the shoe bug.

It all started when I started liking purses. I had at least twelve purses at one time. They weren't anything special -- just Goodwill finds. It was my first fashion obsession since hair wraps (and that was a loooong time ago!) But what started as an innocent purse addiction developed into the obsession every girl is doomed for: SHOES!!

And now I'm hooked. I have twenty-seven pair at college, and those are just my Heartland approved ones! I have a whole stash of "home" shoes, and I continue to build my footwear empire. Flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes, clogs, ballet flats, peep toe, and high heels... all hold a special place in my closet.

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