Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weird Weather

"If you don't like the weather here, just wait a few minutes... it'll change!" is the saying here in Oklahoma.  It was raining when I took the trash out at seven, and fifteen minutes later one of the other residents informed me that the sky had completely cleared up!  Right before I left for class I decided to make sure it was still sunny, so I poked my head out of the door and -- it was pouring down rain!  So much for the sky clearing up!

Extreme changes in weather are the norm here.  One day this month the high was barely 40 degrees, and two days later it was almost 8o!  I enjoyed the few warm days, but soon the temperature dropped to the usual February chill.  I have a rule of thumb to never put away my winter clothes until mid-April, just because a sudden heat wave can be deceiving.

Oklahoma isn't the only state with random weather, though!  Virginia can get pretty crazy, too!  One of my favorite things to say about my home state is, "Virginia is the only place in the world that can have 99% humidity and not rain!"  You probably think I'm exaggerating the percentage... I'm not!  I have literally seen it on the online forecast: 99% humidity and sunny! Really, where else does that happen?  Even in the tropics, the sky eventually just gives in and rains... but not Virginia!

Not to say I don't like the hot, humid summers of Virginia.  In fact, I've actually grown to like them!  Summer is my favorite season.  Flip flops, flowy dresses, ice cream, playing with the sprinkler, fishing, swimming, vacations, and sweet iced tea... all these and more just scream SUMMER!  All this talk of warm weather makes me want to move to Florida!  LOL... =)

Anybody else out there have really weird weather in your state?

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  1. I'm ready for you to come home to Virginia!
    Mom :)